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Mag 45 Duster and Fertiliser Spreader


With its compact and petite size, it's designed primarily for the application of causmag, although the dual port triangular discharge apertures allow the Mag 45 to also successfully spread grass seed and other various types of fertiliser.  The low spinner height makes it perfect for spreading causmag and lime flour as the product is closer to the pasture hence a more concentrated application and less dust or lost product.


Lightweight, simple design & easy to clean making it a cost effective machine


Formerly known as 'Mag 30'

Hopper Capacity45L/25kg Urea or Causmag
Overall Width1190mm
Loading Height760mm
Dry Weight55kg
  • Hopper base integral part of main frame
  • Unique drive engagement systems
  • Heavy duty galvanised frame
  • Widest machines with lowest centre of gravity

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