Agrex KALKO - Lime Spreader

Agrex KALKO Multi-functional Lime and Fertiliser Spreader


Mulit-functional spreader for lime and fertiliser

The KALKO spreader is strong reliable and professional.  Equipped with a steering rear axle, electric acutators, double shutters hydraulic augers and loads more fantastic features.  This makes it the ultimate spreader when it comes to big time operations.  The belt conveyor is driven by a hydraulic motor equipped with a speed sensor with a proportional valve controlled by the computer.  The KALKO has two electric shutter actuators that regulate the product flow to simplify the operation and to improve the spreading efficiency. Thanks to this system, we have significantly reduced reaction time: very little time is required to adjust the flow to a change in the tractor speed.  Spreading width is up to 24m and spread rates can range from 50 to 3000 kg/ha.

ModelCapacityMax LoadWeightWidth
  • Only prime supplier materials used
  • In-House quality testing
  • AVC Painting processes
  • Superior back up service

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