Sitrex Tedders

Sitrex RT Tedders


Built for tedding heavy green crops, the design incorporates heavy duty gearboxes, tines, tine arms, and a heavy frame to hold it all together.  All machines come standard with a floating headstock, which allows the machine to follow contours and corners without stress.

Working width stretches from 5.2m to 7.8m, the large flotation wheels help the machine travel smoothly in rough conditions, as well as allowing it to follow ground contours with ease.

Spreading the heaviest lumps evenly with ease.




Number of rotors444
Working width5.2m5.2m5.8m
Transport Width2.9m2.9m3.0
Minimum HP required404050
  • Simple to operate
  • Designed for a long life
  • High Build paint coating 

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