812 Trailing Maxitill (Roto Tiller)

812 Trailing Maxitill




The 812 Trailing Maxitill is designed for greater trash clearance.

From the massive main beam that runs throughout the frame to the 65x65x6 box section, the 812 is built tough for New Zealand conditions.  Floating contour wings allow for complete ground coverage, combined with the larger heavy duty world leading 50mm 'S' tines, 125mm tine spacing and heavy rear crumblers you get an efficient seed bed preparation and stubble incorporation that cannot be matched.

Road legal transport (3.1m) width up to 25 foot.

"Greater strength, better weight distribution and unequal trash clearance"    



Number of tines44486072
  • Correct placement of componentry
  • Massive strength throughout
  • High build coating
  • Value for money

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