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Snow Plough


Rata snow ploughs offer the ultimate in snow ploughing efficiency, the trip action blade is designed to trip only when a solid object is engaged. This special feature greatly increases the speed that the operator can drive the machine and enhance the life of the blade. The high quality paint finish allows the snow to roll effortlessly. Twin hydraulic rams offer outstanding stability and manoeuvrability. Rata snow ploughs can be mounted to; skid steer loaders, front end loaders and telehandlers. The strong "A" frame is designed to steady the loader when in motion.  Primarily designed for sealed, smoothe surfaces, non-autoreset model compatible with gravel/dirt tracks.

Check out the V-shape Snow Plough Here

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Weight (kg)260300
Minimum HP3580
Maximum HP80125
  • High strength steel
  • Trip action blade
  • High build coating - Click here for more info
  • Outstanding manoeuvrability

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